Jenny Dietschweiler Personaltraining

My philosophy

I have a passion  to motivate and incentivate inspired sports people through Perosnaltraining Teamwork in order to achieve challenging fitness objectives aiming at improving mental and physical health. We often observe that this leads to growth in personality bringing improvements in all the dimensions of life. It astonishes me again and again, what we can achieve with personal will and effective Teamwork training. The experience shows that already after 3-6 months  significant improvements in  fitness and body form can be achieved. Weight loss, muscle volume growth, reduction of fat, endurance are measurable and can be evaluated. Of course a certain nutrition discipline is needed. An improved physical fitness leads in many cases to an improved mental fitness and an improved body look enhancing self-esteem and pride of achievements.All these mechanisms and interdependencies fascinate me in my daily work with inspired sports colleagues and trainees, who are ready to work on themselves and grow. Because I’m convinced , that the necessary time and energy investment into training is very worthwhile, I love to train hard and develop on a daily basis.

Improved fitness is improved quality of life


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