Jenny Dietschweiler Personaltraining

Training offer

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In my work I focus on my customer needs and ”fit for purpose ”driven personal training. It is about teamwork to reach your goals based on your will and determination step by step. It is up to you to decide as to where the training should take place at in the fitness center, at your home or in the nature benefiting from fresh air. It is my passion to be able to coach and train you, so that you can achieve your goals. I m looking forward to doing this with you.

I can support you in this and the following topics:

  • Muscle build up
  • Rehabilitation training after surgery
  • Weight control
  • Fat reduction
  • Pregnancy training and build/up
  • Endurance training
  • Planning and organization of your trainings
  • Training and nutrition plan
  • Motivation and training support 


  • Nutrition plan CHF 150
  • Training plan CHF 150
  • Personal training CHF 150 p hour
  • 12x training package CHF 1500 (2 PTs discount)
  • 24x training package CHF 3000 (4 PTs discount)

You can find me at ...