Jenny Dietschweiler Personaltraining

Jenny Dietschweiler Personaltraining


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Dear all,

My name is Jenny Dietschweiler and I’m a passionate professional Personal Trainer. I am in sports since my childhood. At the age of 8 I started with Gymnastics followed by a number of other sports activities along the years:
Tower jumping, 8 years of Trampolin, 3 years of athletics and 2 years playing handball. After this initial sports career, following my fascination for health I invested into becoming a Pharmacy Assistant graduating successfully in 2011. Considering sports is really my life, I decided to re-focus on this discipline to become a Peronal Trainer in a well-known Fitness Center in Zürich. Daniele gave me the opportunity and developed me intensively during 8 Month in that center. During this time I was lucky to meet a number of very interesting and knowledgeable people who contributed substantially to my growth and my experience building. In 2013 I completed and graduated as a  Fitness Trainer with Star Education in Zürich as well as a Nutrition coach with SAFS-the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports. In 2015 I completed the education at the Dr. Axel Gottlob Institute in Stuttgart and achieved the Master Fitness Trainer. Since January 2016 I work again as a pharmaceutical assistant , so I can combine my profession as a personal trainer perfectly and give me a little variety to everyday since.

Love it and make the best out of it!


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